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I think like a poet, though I write like a drunk;
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Meerkat Movies logo Having not been to the cinema very often over the past few years – partly due to a lack of good films; partly due to the high cost; and partly due to being abroad – the past few months have been, relatively, flick-filled. My trips to the pictures have been enjoyable and getting 2 for 1 tickets is great, even if a false economy – the real cost is the pre-screening beers and dinner; and the cinema-purchased drinks and nachos. Yes, I have favoured nachos over popcorn!

The first of my trips was to see Grimsby, the Sacha Baron Cohen shock-flick. The plot and dialogue was thin, but the gross-out comedy made the film a lot of fun. Next up was 10 Cloverfield Lane. Having grown up seeing John Goodman as a comedy actor, this film was quite a departure. Conceptually, the film was very good – but the ending was bizarre and that ruined it somewhat.

Most recently I saw Captain America – Civil War. I have always enjoyed watching superhero films. However, this was not a good film; even Scarlett Johansson's mere presence in it was not enough to disguise that! Ultimately, the film was just long, slow, with tired, clichéd dialogue. The fight scenes bordered on the ludicrous and the plot was poor.

With my Meerkat Movies membership lasting another seven months, I hope to see at least a couple more films at the cinema this year… and it would be nice to think at least one of them will blow my socks off.

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